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Office Services


 Urology Associates has a full service lab on-site that performs the majority of testing ordered by our physicians.  This provides for rapid turnaround time for lab results, and less hassle for the patient.  Any tests that are not performed in our facility (i.e., pathology) are sent out to Dianon/LabCorp.

Radiology/Diagnostic Testing

Urology Associates has a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center, including X-ray, and ultrasound technologies.  This allows us to control scheduling, providing convenience for our patients as well as a more timely diagnosis.


Our physicians have the ability to perform simple cystoscopy in the office setting.  This minimally invasive procedure, which involves inserting a scope through the urethra into the bladder, is helpful in determining the cause of many urological symptoms.  Performing this procedure in the office setting is more convenient and less expensive for the patient than in an outpatient facility.  (For more details on this procedure, please see our Surgical Procedures page.)


Most patients choose to have this simple, safe and effective procedure done in the office setting for both convenience and economic reasons.  Patients are given a mild sedative, the procedure is brief and recovery time is minimal.  (For more details on this procedure, please see our Surgical Procedures page.)

Prostate Biopsy

Guided by trans-rectal ultrasound, prostate biopsies are most often performed in our office.  This minimally invasive procedure is used to detect prostate cancer.  (For more details on this procedure, please see our Surgical Procedures page.)

Continence Center

Urology Associates has an on-site continence center, which provides Urodynamics studies, as well as Biofeedback and Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS).  Urodynamics is used to test bladder function and is a useful tool in determining the best treatment plans for patients.  Biofeedback can treat a variety of bladder dysfunctions, and PTNS is used to treat overactive bladder and the associated symptoms of urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and urge incontinence.


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